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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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prince george's county residents hurt and upset over jack johnson's arrest but will he show up for work on monday? in arlington it is ban the plastic bag or charge for it. >> people are fine with it. and how former redskins are helping those who served our country. i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us. sources close to jack johnson tell 9 news now that johnson plans to be on the news on monday. this after the stuny arrest of he and his wife at their home on wednesday. they are accused of trying to try driveway a $100,000 check
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that he accepted as a bribe. nearly $80,000 in cash was pulled from leslie johnson's bra as part of that coverup. we have team coverage tonight. we talk to residents who are hurt and angry at johnson. >> reporter: mixed reaction in the country that jack johnson is supposed to be leading. in this barbershop is it the topic of conversation. >> he ain't just hurt himself he hurt the community. >> reporter: jim burton is angry. >> he broke the trust. >> reporter: the county exec and his wife where developers paid johnson for contracts and his wife flushed a $100,000 bribery check down the toilet. >> we done all this voting. and the people we selecting are doing us not right. >> reporter: investigators say this is only the tip of the
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iceberg in a broader corruption scandal. in johnson's eight years as county exec there have been numerous accusations of wrong doing. the charges stem from a huge project near the greenbelt metro station. in a separate case, a hotel owner is suing the county and johnson over similar demands in exchange for the housing department to lease space in new carrollton. a broker demanded a commission of $400,000 to seal the deal. >> i know him personally and this -- if these allegations are true i am terribly disappointed. >> reporter: howard university professor kay felder says that johnson tried to get in touch with him. >> he was prepared to come to the school and talk about personal issues. he was agonizing over them. >> reporter: 9 news now. federal prosecutors expect others to be charged in the
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investigation. jack johnson's attorney had no comment when contacted by 9 news now earlier today. armando tool is outside jack johnson's home and not many people are talking >> reporter: if anyone had come to the home before friday's arrest they could have run into the v.i.p.s and movers and shakers in prince george's county. none of those people are here tonight. and now the house is politically taxic and the johnsons are learning who their friends are. saturday night jack and leslie johnson's friends dropped by with flowers and dishes. >> you brought flowers to the johnsons. i was wondering if you could tell us how they are. >> the roses are beautiful. >> reporter: they had nothing to add. and the executive himself said after walking out of court last
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night. >> i am absolutely convinced without a shadow of a doubt that -- that i am going to be vindicated. >> reporter: earlier two ministers came by to offer spiritual guidance. it was a far cry from friday when federal agents swooped down on the home to arrest both of them and cart away 13 boxes of evidence in a corruption case that has gone on for four years. now bruce, jack johnson has said he will return to office on monday and serve out his three-weeks term. and leslie johnson has every intention of going on monday to take her oath of office and swear in for the district six council member seat she just won. prince george's county law does not bar her from doing this. she would have to be convicted of a crime before she could be kicked off the council. but these decisions could change if fbi and prosecutors
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continue with their arrests on monday or later in the week or continue to search warrants throughout the county and the johnsons may decide not to be so public after all. back to you. >> thanks a lot. a faith-based coalition in prince george's county targets a gun store. they held a prayer vigil this afternoon. according to a washington post report, more than 2500 guns sold by the store were used in crimes they want gun dealers to stop buying guns for felons and others who cannot buy them legally on their owns. >> if you got the gun from the store but when he obtained the gun, he did not go buy it legally. we found during the trial that it was a lot of things in his
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background where he should not have obtained that gun. >> talking about a guy who used a buy that he didn't buy and it was used to kill her son. the store says they follow handgun laws and that appears to be true. state and federal regulators found minor problems during numerous inspections at that shop. a 20-year-old man is dead and police are looking for suspects in a holdup in a pizza restaurant. four men walked in and announced a holdup on friday night when a person and a employee told the men to leave, one of the men shot the victim. arlington county wants to implement policies regarding plastic bags but it needs the general assembly's permission to do that. county board members will ask the general assembly to ask for permission to ban the bags or make people pay to get them.
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>> we have a very vibrant urban community and what you find is plastic bags are one of the most common trash elements in the waterways in the community at large. and the bottom line is here. there is an alternative. you can -- there are reusable bag options. plastic bags are not necessary. >> the board plans to have a plan next month. president barack obama is wrapping up his asian trip in his summit of pacific nations in japan. he is hoping to get a nuclear weapons treaty ratified next week when congress returns to work next week. the treaty is pending in the senate. and there is republican resistance to the deal. >> i want to get the treaty done during the lame duck session and i communicated to congress that is it a top priority. >> president obama reiterated
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his support for bringing russia into the wto. the president urged japan and asian leaders to keep their markets open. the united states would compete to get jobs back to this country but the success of asian countries should not come at each other's expense. >> in japan or china or indonesia, also have a direct effect on the lives and fortunes of the american people. >> president obama cut a trade deal with india but not one with south korea. the president is due to return to washington on sunday afternoon. former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel announced his candidacy for mayor of chicago. it comes a month after stepping down from his chief of staff job. he is promising to fight crime, create jobs and increase education. >> because i love this city, the place my family came to,
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the place where i was born, i want to fight for a better future for all the people of chicago and that's why today, i'm announcing my candidacy for mayor. >> he is a congressman representing the north side of chicago prior to joining the obama administration. he has a million dollars left over from his former campaign fund. there is a widespread computer outage for the state of virginia. friday's outedge included the department of motor vehicles and they were unable to process driver's licenses for an hour. in august an outage crippled state services for eight days. how much would you bid for a ring that bernie madoff gave to his future wife? and coming up later, why a husband to be sits behind bars and the bride goes running for
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her life. can you believe it? another beautiful day here in washington, 68. we almost hit 70 degrees. it started off cold. the suburbs in the 20s. a cold start to sunday. but, need to tell you about the end of this beautiful week and weekend coming up shortly. with capital one bank's new checking with rewards,
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arizona voters approved a measure to legalize medical marijuana. it will allow patients with diseases like cancer to buy two and a half ounces of marijuana every two weeks or grow their own plants. arizona is the 15th state to approve medical marijuana. the 10 and a half carat diamond engagement ring that bernie madoff gave to his future wife sold for $5,550,000. it was among thousands of items belonging to the investors that were auctioned off. proceeds will benefit 3,000 madoff clients who were swindled in that ponzi scheme. the national park service is taking 400 d.c. students on canoe trips between now and
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thursday, 80 students each day will paddle the river in five handmade canoes. they will remove debris from the water. a washington tradition resurfaced today along the national mall. dozens of people showed up at the ice rink opening. the rink features a state of the art sound system and a view of sculptures in the garden. now checking news where you live, the first speed camera coming to college park, maryland. if you are caught speeding the fine is $40. for other stories from where you live go to got a story and news tip for us, act us and be a part of the team. and tomorrow's washington examiner more than 50 people or groups are interested in opening d.c. charter schools and that is a record. you can read that story in the
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washington examiner. once again, wusa9 teaming up with safeway and the boy scouts to help feed the hungry. the scouts collected nonperishable foods today. the food will be distributed to the capital area food bank. >> in the past two years we have gotten a half million pounds of food. and because of the economy we are hoping to collect almost a 1st and million pounds of food. the need is so great that we have to help so many families in the area. >> the scouts went door to door to pick up bags of food for the needy today. coming up on 9 news now this saturday night how former redskins players are helping those who served the country. and the talk of showers on the way. the forecast is next.
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a scorned man tries to run over his girlfriend after she rejects his major proposal. mar yo hernandez painted the words will you marry me on the windshield of his car. but when she said no he tried to run her down. >> they were arguing and then he came back with a car and said i love you would you marry me? >> the proposal was turned down. it appears the male became upset. >> i could see from the window a car coming down this street at full speed. >> and the car came flying from the sidewalk over here into the property. >> she looked like she was frantically scared for her life. >> good for her. >> -- the guy's a fool. hernandez blew out two tires and narrowly missed a bystander in the parking lot. we are told that the girlfriend is unhurt. more than 400 minor crashes
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have been reported in minnesota after 11 inches of snow fell in the twin cities. it may not be over. two to three inches is in the forecast for tomorrow. >> no. no. >> no. not true? >> i'm saying no for us. we don't want any of this. we don't want to see that yet. >> and you are the guy to tell us that. >> we would like to see more weeks like we just went through and maybe a few more days which i think we will get but it won't be a terrible end to it. it will be wetter and cooler but not drastically cold. you see in the valley west of here shenandoah upper 20s. the rest of us in the 30s in many cases. manassas already freeding. typical at reagan national and the heart of doubt too. frederick you are freezing too. let's see the satellite and the
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radar together the first sign of the approaching storm system is over the mid atlantic moving to the mid atlantic and we could see the first wave of rain closing in. rather overnight -- yeah, monday into tuesday. still nice in the forecast. sunday a mild day with more cloud cover building in but it will all come to an end by tuesday's outlook. right into the futurecast, the next three days you can see still a lot of sunshine. a few clouds rolling around but a mild day. stopped at 2:00 in the afternoon. here it is overnight sunday into monday with the first wave of rain. it is going to fall apart. we just get a few more clouds and nothing to worry about. on monday a few clouds and a lot of sunshine and it is mild. by monday night, i stopped it here because of a game going on at fedex field. no rain yet. overcast skies build in. a few clouds here and there.
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but no rain. we're going to hold that off until tuesday. tuesday morning the rain is still, i think southwest of here. i don't think it is until midday afternoon and evening hours that is the best chance of scattered showers coming in. it will be a steady rain, not a heavy rain. it will be a cold one but it will be an end to this great week and a half we have gone through. so again, very cold in the outer suburbs with freezing temperatures below 32 degrees and as we work to downtown we are mid- to upper-30s. it is a nice afternoon again. mid-60s and maybe mid- to upper- 60s for a lot of us. and we have a great day all the way to blue ridge. maybe way out into west virginia and garrett county we might see a shower late. but in washington it is mid- 60s. cross over to the delmarva and it is low 60s to upper 50s. overnight we are looking at a clear and cold night. we will take you through the
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30s to the lower 40s in the morning hours. the clouds aren't going to do a big number to the temperatures. the day planner forecast starting off chilly. mild afternoon quickly into the 60s by the noon hour and back in the mid- to upper-60s by 3:00 or 4:00. the three-day forecast shows the rain moving in tuesday afternoon. and the seven-day forecast it is the second storm system that brings in the could november air. we are looking at highs down to 50 by next weekend. >> thanks a lot. the washington redskins showed appreciation to the military veterans with free health screenings. former players and cheerleaders were also on hand. the event was designed to encourage veterans to be proactive about their own health and it was all free to anyone that was there. >> i'm a vet.
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>> yes, you are. >> i didn't go down there. >> what are they going to do on monday night? >> oh >> not looking good. i will have my prediction later. who is will be able to go monday night? clues at the park. clinton portis has been trying to get back on the field. maryland quietly making a run at the acc championship. a beatdown today. and the coach, get your knees up. what a game, next. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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if you live for performance, upgrade to castrol edge advanced synthetic oil. with eight times better wear protection than mobil 1. castrol edge. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. what did you just say? >> border rivalry. virginia and maryland. >> i thought you said just exactly what you said. prior to the season you didn't have maryland and virginia circled as a big game. big red is controller of its
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own destiny. win the last three and it is bcs and a far cry from 2009 when maryland went the 2nd and- 10. maryland has a good quarterback. danny o'brien doing well. 2nd quarter doing an impersonation with his legs. terps up 13-10. and this is what terp fans like to see. hard-nosed, smash mouth physical football. maryland by 5. this is why o'brien is playing. very accurate. and torry smith with 7 catches. maryland improves to 7-3. nc state fighting for the division crown. russell wilson a good passer. nc state rolling and in the hunt for the title. today they win big this afternoon over wake forest. let's look at the acc atlantic standings. maryland and florida state and nc state tied at 4-2 which sets
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up next week for a primetime shootout. florida state in progress right now against clemson, they are tied at 13. the terps weren't expected to do as much they have. virginia tech was expected to challenge for a national title and they haven't and the hokies can win their side of the acc. such is life. a tough road test in chapel hill. watch tyrod taylor here. tyrod doing it, doing it, doing it, well. and you're not going to see tyrod taylor right there. trust me they won today a big 26-10. let's go on to navy here. navy scoring but in the final moments, central michigan goes for two and don't get it. and look at the coach doing the high-knee action there. navy wins. west virginia, no -- no. we are all over the place tonight in this sportscast. but navy winning it.
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they get the victory tonight. just put something up there on the board and i'll talk about it because that is where this sportscast is going tonight, guys. that's cincinnati and west virginia. that's the end of the game. west virginia winning this afternoon 37-10 all right. wow. let's get on to hockey now. for all the talk of a slow start, the caps are back on top with the best record in the biz and a six-game win streak on the line tonight. at the asbc center. i know the highlights are right. how about john elser in, 3, 2, 1, blastoff caps drawing first blood. 3rd period, nicky can't you see backstrom with his fifth of the year sends to it overtime. watch this move. john carlson i love you but he
11:30 pm
gets crossed up there. sabres win it in extras 3-2. wizards and -- in the windy. john wall off the glass. gilbert arenas, 7-10 from tripleville. you had 30. but derrick doing all his damage from distance. he had 24. wizards fall to 2-6. you want to bring your big guns to the party when you go up against philly. the hope is that clinton portis will be one of the bullets in the gun but it is unclear whether he will make his first appearance since the last philly game. it will be a game-time decision but if you read between the lines it looks doubtful. the coach doesn't want to rush portis' injured groin. >> he is biting at the bit and wants to go but we want to make sure we're smart. >> finally, better news for
11:31 pm
ryan terrain who appears ready to play monday night after suffering a strained hammy against detroit. he practiced today without setbacks. west virginia did win. we got messed up there. west virginia did win today. but a big one on monday. >> how do you stop michael vick? >> i tell you what, you have to keep him in the pocket and don't let him get outside. >> you want to recap? >> temperatures in the mid- to upper-60s and tuesday and wednesday is cold rain coming our way. >> thank you for watching tonight, everybody. see you back here tomorrow. good night. bye. the most powerful half ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. that's forty thousand more than ford. chevy silverado. the most dependable,
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